Játékmester Élményprogram opened Zoo Indoor Play Centre, the first family play centre in the country in the spring of 2003, and it worked till 2016. september.

Since our company was set up, we have been working closely together with Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. Through the years we have organised a number of company and private events and thousands of birthday parties for children as well. In addition to that, we are also in charge of organizing Zoo Camp, the country’s most popular nature camp. Our goal is to provide children with a possibility to spend quality time in a safe environment with professional supervision.

Our team

Operative management

Virág Kovács
programigazgató, táborvezető
Natália Péter
Ágnes Kovács-Szabó
János dr. Flaisz

Our teachers

We are convinced that we owe most of the success of our camp to our teachers who look after children at the camp. That is why we pay close attention to choosing the members of our team every year. Most of our 50-strong team have been working for us for several years, but we also recruit new members each year. During our hiring process, which consists of several rounds, outstanding communication skills, professional experience and a kind, open personality are top priorities. Our team consists of qualified teachers, teachers of special education, psychologists or university students specializing in one of the aforementioned subjects.

Antonietta Ambrus
Bence Bécs
Anna Bene
Zsófi Berendi
The Team
Adrienn Ceskel-Tarcsay
Diána Dalanics
Ilona Dezső
Emma Dudla
Norbert Gáspár
Benjámin Gulyás
Nóra Hegyháti
Pálma Horváth
Ivett Hrutka
Emese Jurkiewicz
Lili Komjáthy
Nikolett Koós
Márk Liziczai
Nikolett Mitru
Diána Nagy
Anna Nagy
Balázs Nagy-Czirok
Adrienn Natratics
Balázs Németh
Liliána Nyári
Liliána Vivien Pichler
Andrea Pintér
Marcell Rácz
Anna Siflis
Sára Simon
Veronika Szabó
Szabina Leila Szakáll
Ágnes Sztancs
Leila Taskovics
Adrienn Tímár
Zsófia Timár
Brendon Márk Tokai
Lilla Valcsák
Zsanett Velencei
Anna Verő
Adrienn Wuschek